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Jenna is an acne specialist under the instruction of Dr. James Fulton, MD (world renowned acneologist, and founder of Vivant pharmaceuticals). Jenna specializes in the difficult to treat skin issues ranging from teenage and adult acne, minor and cystic acne as well as hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, ingrown hairs, premature wrinkles, and a plethora of other skin concerns. The best treatment starts with the right information, and to obtain that information, we start with a complimentary skin care consultation. Before you schedule a facial, start with a consultation so that you know your care is correct. Your skin is as unique as you are; there’s no 1 cure all method or product. Jenna and her trained staff knows how to mix and match products for your optimum result.


The propeel is a customized chemical peel.

“The ProPeel® improves all skin types. The safest to peel are the lighter skin types (redheads, blondes and brunettes – Fitzpatrick Skin Types I, II, and III). Chemical peels are popular for helping people slough off dull, dead skin to reveal newer, fresher skin underneath.

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                  BEFORE                                                                       AFTER

IMG_0163                      after

                                                      Peeling Process

Peeling Process lasts 7 days starting from the lip area then the cheeks, and lastly the forehead.

During the process the skin will feel very dry and tight.

peeling 3       IMG_0167       IMG_0168