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Having been a nails educator for multiple nail manufacturers, Jenna is an expert in nail care products and services because she had to teach other licensed professionals how to perform said services. Her trained staff of nailcare technicians pay special attention to not damage clients nails by not using dremel tools or erroneous files on the nail plate. EyeSalons does not use acrylic (monomer and polymer) to do artificial nails. We focus on natural nails and the upkeep of its integrity. We provide only services and products that strengthens and foster natural nail health. We do not take short cuts or use off-labeled products to achieve a “quick-fix, turn them in, turn them out, marry-go-round” nail salon approach. Each client’s needs are addressed with the best product fit. Our pedicures are diabetic friendly and soakless; which means we do not use water basin (which could be a source of contaminants). We only use hot towels to remove products and provide the highest quality and sanitized pedicure in the industry. Once you’ve experiences nail and feet care the EyeSalons’ way; you’ll think twice about the safety, sanitation, and quality regular salons are providing. We use exclusively, Voesh of New York products; which are a single-use sachet of manicure and pedicure products to ensure that each service is sterilize, hygienic, and safe for our clients!

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