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Eyelash Extensions

Beautiful and Long lasting Lashes



1 hour for Full set

45 min for Fill in

Average application time

1.5 hour – 3 hours for Full set

1.5 hour – 3 hours for Fill in


Styles: B,C,D – curls

6 different thickness

9 different lengths

Silk, Mink, and Natural lash

Very Limited Options

Classic — Level 1 artists

American — Level 2, 3 artists

Russian — Master/Trainer artists


Only do Classic lashes




Since I started doing eyelash extensions in 2007 in the small town of Elizabethtown, I was unaware of all the horrors regarding the lash niche in the beauty industry. Recently, I’ve relocated to Greensboro, NC and started lashing in big cities; the horror I’ve witnessed and heard is so disturbing I felt the need to set a few misnomers straight.

Jenna Ott

Master/Trainer Lash Artist

IMG_0894                   IMG_0891

1. Nail and Hair Salons advertising “Eyelash Extension”
(I can’t speak for all) But most often, the service performed in these types of locations are NOT EYELASH EXTENSIONS….Yes, you read correctly. Even licensed technicians/hairdressers/manicurists/aestheticians are unclear about all facets of lash extensions. If the service is under $50, more than likely, these facilities are using “clusters or flares or strip” fake lashes. The public can buy these items in any store that sells wigs, makeup, or cosmetic products. These clusters/flares/strip lashes DO NOT advertise “long-term” wear. The appropriate use of these products is for an event or evening out. The glue that already comes in the clusters( or sold separately) is gentle enough that it will hold these clusters/fares/strips in place for a short time. However, these can be easily removed from your own lash/skin without any damage to your natural lashes. Some ladies have become experts in self-applying these clusters/flares/strip lashes that they do it everyday. If you search for lash extensions, even the internet will give search results showing clusters/flares/strip lashes.

In the last 10+ years, nail and hair salons nationwide haphazardly forced these 1-time-use products to mimic REAL lash extensions. They dip these clusters/flares/strips in hair-weaving glue and glop them onto your skin and clumps of your natural lashes while you hold your eyes open with a fan blowing directly at your eye area. The result is a thick band of uniformed clusters of lashes and glue across the eye area. These cluster/flare/strip lashes cannot be wet; so most people don’t wash their lash area for weeks or months! When these clusters/fares/strips are removed, often natural lashes are damaged or pulled out along with the clusters/flares/strips. These conditions are perfect conditions for bacteria to grow; therefore, it’s common for clients of this service to report eye infections.

So why people do this procedure? Because anyone can do them. There’s very little or no training necessary, products are cheap and it’s fast! Bottom line, Quick, fast, and damaging. You get what you pay for.

1VS    bad-lashes1

2. What is REAL lash extensions?
The word “extend” means to make something longer. Thus the meaning of lash extensions truly means, a licensed, trained, and certified lash professional will use 1 hand to isolate 1-single strand of your NATURAL lash, while using the other hand to apply 1-single strand of (either synthetic or REAL mink) lash. These lashes vary in thickness, color, and length. Lash by lash extension does not break or damage your real lashes. It is a process so painless that you can fall asleep. The average person has about 200+/- eyelashes. So if the lash artist has to isolate 200 strands and apply 200 strands, she/he is literally doing this repetitive motion 400 times! This explains WHY it is common sense that this process SHOULD take time and SHOULD be done with patience and precision!

EyeSalons uses MEDICAL GRADE Glue for lashes extension, which is specifically formulated for professional use only, and can only be purchased with proof of certification by reputable lash companies.

3. What are volume lashes?

Volume lash is an innovative lash technique that entered North America in 2013. It was invented by master lash artists in Russia and Ukraine. Volume lashes have changed the lash industry forever.

Different from the classic style, which is strand by strand adhesion, volume lash technicians apply multiple synthetic lashes to ONE isolated natural lash. Volume lashes consist of two categories: American and Russian styles. Volume lashes provide clients with longer, thicker, fluffier,fuller, and glamorous lashes without damage to the natural lashes while retaining its lightweight.

Classic Natural

Website classic 3              classic 6 website

American Volume

  • 2D- 2 lashes per one natural lash
  • 3D- 3 lashes per one natural lash

2D-3D w green glitters website

Russian Volume

  • 4D- 4 lashes per one natural lash

3D-4D website              website 3D-4D (2)

  • 5D- 5 lashes per one natural lash

5D-6D website 1              5D-6D (1) website

  • 6D- 6 lashes per one natural lash

5D-6D gold&silver glitters              volume 2 website


6D 1 website              6D website

Jenna Ott

—*Certified Lash Trainer

4. Why does the practitioner have to be licensed, trained and certified?
The first requirement is that the professional SHOULD comply with his/her State’s regulatory requirements. By complying with State statues and regulations, it protects both the professional and his/her clients. The second requirement is that he/she must be trained! Often, licensed technicians will skip this step because of the entry fees/class tuitions for eyelash extensions is in the hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on each company’s requirements).

Expensive classes may deter eligible technicians to attend training. Thirdly, training does not mean competency!!!  Proficiency and competency comes with extended dedication to practice, practice, and more practice! Ask anyone how long it takes them to perfect their craft, and the answer is years–not 1 day or 1 weekend. All Lash Artists at EyeSalons are personally trained and certified by Jenna Ott (Master Lash Artist and Trainer)! We guarantee our work for one week! If you lost 90% of your lashes within one week, please contact us immediately!

5. Why is there such a discrepancy in pricing?
Years ago, lash extension would be an entire day’s process!  It can become your worst nightmare. Don’t be a victim, educate yourself of the investment you’re about to make.

Things to do before deciding on a Lash Artist.

  • Read up on their Credentials
  • Ask to see their Credentials
  • How long have they been extending lashes?

6. A quick reference checklist for those wanting REAL eyelash extensions

      1. Is the person performing the service currently a licensed and recognized in your STATE?
      2. What company is your professional trained/certified through? Take a second to look up that company. As a licensed, trained, and certified professional, I’m very proud of my investment in my education! I want you to ask me, I want you to know that I’ve worked hard to gain the skills to provide the service to YOU! I imagine all my fellow professionals would feel the same.
      3. How long has your professional been practicing his/her craft? Usually, most lash artists will say that after 1 year, they feel that they grasped this skill set. However, this all varies for each artist. The point is, 1 day does not make a lash-artist!
      4. How many lashes will he/she extend per service? A good rule of thumb is that the average person has about 200 +/- extendable lashes. The industry standard has been 30 or 40 lashes/eye is considered a full-set. Recently, I’ve heard quotes of 40-60 lashes/eye.
        At EyeSalons, we extend 100% of your EXTENDABLE LASHES. Yup…So if you have 200 extendable lashes, we will extend 200 lashes 🙂
      5. The brush test…I call it the “brush” test because true extensions are “locked” into your natural lashes, so by taking a clean mascara wand and brushing it like brushing your hair, the extensions should not fall out.
      6. If you’re still unsure, ask if you could swing by to see pictures or real people who has them on. I always encourage my students and fellow associates to be a product of the product! At any establishment, you should be able to see a few staff members with the product/services they offer.

7. Why is it important to do your homework?
First of all, it’s one of the best investments you could ever make for yourself! I’ve seen time and time again how women’s faces are transformed by lashes! Some clients claim that it’s the cheapest eye-lift or facelift they’ve ever done! They are addicting because they bring such vibrance and beauty to your most valuable asset, your FACE! Secondly, when done wrong, bad extensions can destroy your lashes leaving your lash lines bald and barren! Thirdly, not to mention untrained methods and unprofessional products can cause infections and result in costly doctor visits and medications!


            What to expect in your lash appointment
  • Please make sure to come to your lash appointment with clean, naked lashes. Contacts do not need to be removed for this service.
  • Shower/wash your hair beforehand because you will need to keep your lashes DRY for at least 24 hrs!
  • Pre-lashing Consultation: There is a quick-form for you to fill out with your pertinent information about your cosmetic routines. This helps us understand the style/design that best fits your personality and lifestyle.
  • You will be laying down with your eyes closed for the entire duration of the service.
  • We will count all of your extendable lashes. We will then extend. This is a tedious and precise procedure. You will relax as though napping (and it’s perfectly acceptable to nap during this process
  • Each service will take about 60 minutes to 2 hours depending on the number of your extendable lashes.
  • After your lashes are extended, we will perform the “brush” test by purposefully brushing your extensions to ensure that each strand is properly locked.
  • We will inform you of the number of extendable lashes you have and these are now yours to care for and maintain
  • Routine maintenance is A MUST because lashes shed. The natural cycle of an eyelash is approximately 30-90 days. Each strand is undergoing its own phase of its life cycle. EyeSalons will extend all viable, healthy lashes (we call extendable lashes).
  • Maintenance or Touch ups are based on how much shedding you’ve experienced.
    We recommend a 3-weeks follow up session to keep them looking great; however, we cannot control how much shedding happens for each client within these 3 weeks. You are welcome to schedule more frequent visits.


  • Retouch services are only available for clients who have already done a full set with EyeSalons.
  • For new clients who currently have lashes done from somewhere else, we will take a look at those lashes. If they are up to our standard, we will be happy to do a fill-in for you. However, if not, we will have to do a new full set.

EyeSalons' Tips for lash-care

            • Keep extended lashes DRY 24 hrs immediately after ALL extension services
            • Do not run water directly at extended lashes-instead angle shower head away or at the back of your head during showers.
            • Do not scrub extended lashes! Use disposable brushes to brush (like brushing hair) to remove residue from in-between lashes.
            • Use lash-care kit to gently wipe around the eyes to remove makeup instead of using makeup removers around the extended lash area.
            • NEVER use oil-based products around extended lash area.
            • Do not use waterproof products around extended lash area.
            • Do not sleep on extended lashes. Instead, use pillows to cushion face.
            • Always wipe lashes dry with upward motions.
            • Avoid pools, saunas, hot tubs, facial steaming because prolonged contact will dissolve the bonds of your extended lashes.
            • Avoid submersing extended lashes in prolonged wetness. If extended lashes are wet, dry them as soon as possible by using the coolest setting on a hair dryer or a handheld fan.


Blepharitis and Eyelash Extension

  • What is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is a common condition caused by inflammation of the eyelids. Blepharitis is associated with redness, burning sensation, irritations, excessive tearing, swollen eyelids, dry eyes and dandruff scales on the eyelashes.


The most distinguished characteristics of Blepharitis is the white flaky dandruff-like particles appear on the eyelashes, and the swollen eyelids.

  • What cause Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is usually caused by prolonged poor lash hygiene. Failure to maintain a good lash hygiene routine over a long period of months could allow dandruff, oil, dead skin cells or bacteria to block the eyelash follicles, which leads to inflammation of eyelids.

Many have thought that this is a GLUE or allergy issue, but it is NOT. The symptoms for allergy is different and is usually noticeable within 24-48 hours after lash application. Blepharitis is a result of many months of poor lash hygiene.

It seems like common sense to think that the dryer we keep the extensions, the longer they last; however, we cannot sacrifice hygiene for the sake of long-lasting lashes. Lashes shed naturally as nature’s way of preventing bacteria and dirt buildup around the eyes. Good lash hygiene promotes healthy lashes which will allow lash users to enjoy extensions indefinitely.


Source:                 conditions/blepharitis?sso=y

8. What if I want to remove them?
There are 2 ways extended lashes can be removed. The first is to let them all naturally shed off. This will take about 45-90 days and you’re welcomed to wear mascara over them if you no longer wish to continue getting them extended. The 2nd method is to schedule a lash-removal appointment and we will use professionally formulated Remover to dislodge the bonds. This service is about 20-30 minutes.

9. Will EyeSalons do Touch-up services for clients wearing other brands?
This is a case by case scenario. We will always try our best to accommodate our clients’ needs; however, with the multitude of variations of lash “extensions” on the market, we must review each case independently. If we cannot do a Replacement service, we will advise you of your options.

10. What about lower lashes?
Lower lashes can be extended and it’s a separate service. However, the longevity of the lower extended lashes will not be as long as the upper lashes depending on one’s natural oils and wear-n-tear.

11. What are Mink lashes?
Depending on each manufacturer, Mink lashes are usually real hair from minks. This process is similar to real hair extensions. This is a preference of product choice, not necessarily a difference in look. EyeSalons has all varieties of synthetic fibers from Minks to Silk lashes to accommodate our client choices.

12. What are Silk lashes?
“Silk” lashes are still synthetic lashes. The term “silk” is a marketing term used to distinguish between the diameter of the lash. “Silk” lashes tend to be slicker, shinier, and softer to the touch. At EyeSalons, we use the highest quality of synthetic lashes both called “silk” and synthetic. We believe that it is our job to advise our clients of the best products that fits her “natural” look.

Jenna Ott