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Permanent Makeup


By any other names, and trust me there are plenty (permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, microblading, microstroking, micro-pigmentation, 3D-4D-5D-6D brows, hairstroking, feather-stroking, soft tab, powdered brows, shadow brows and yes, durable makeup) all these services are pigment implementation into the skin–in short, these are ALL some form of tattooing, which means depositing some type of pigment into your skin.

With that said, the method and results varied just as much as the plethora of names that describe them. Now, let’s get dirty.

After extensive training with companies such as BioTouch, KP Cosmetics, New York Beauty School for permanent makeup, Vietnam’s top permanent school in Ho City Minh City, and my latest training (as I’m writing this article) in Beverly Hills, CA; I have discovered a few “facts” about this service niche.

The first problem with this industry is that it does not have an appropriate name. It is known as “permanent makeup” which is starting off with the wrong premise. What I do is not “permanent makeup” because regardless of technique, it cannot be “permanent” because the human skin is a living tissue that changes over time.

What I do is not permanent makeup because it will fade in time. It is a long-lasting method of enhancing your natural facial features such as your eyes, lips, and eyebrows.

All of my procedures consists of 2 phases, I’ll call First Visit and Subsequent Visit.

First Visit
First visit is a baseline to enhance what you have, we first must discover your baseline of the facial area you’d like to enhance with long-lasting color. Whether it be your eyeliners, eyebrows or lips, I have varying methods to accommodate your needs.

Subsequent Visit
Now that we’ve established your baseline and color match, in subsequent visit we can add thickness or darken the color tone (or both) to complete the 1st service. My pricing usually include both phases unless stated otherwise. Subsequent visit is extremely important because results truly vary with each client and every service! To achieve the best results, a touchup is extremely recommended if not mandatory.

I do several different methods of eyebrow enhancements from simply thickening your natural shape, defining your shape, or re-creating the perfect eyebrows for you. My eyebrow services range so widely because no two faces are the same! My philosophy is to enhance your natural beauty, so it is extremely important that you come in for your CONSULTATION regarding eyebrow services! Let me design your perfect eyebrows for you and leave the methodology to me.

Browshading First Visit
Finding the perfect shape for your eyebrows.
We will use a combination of these methods to identify your perfect eyebrow shape; such as, waxing, arching, plucking, trimming, and/or removing unwanted eyebrow hairs. Then we will use makeup powder/pencil to fill-in and define your perfect shape. Once we have identified the shape of your eyebrows, and with your approval, then we can begin the process of eyebrow enhancement. This service will take approximately 7-10 days to heal.

20150208_185615     Identify shape for eyebrow

20150208_190050     Pick the perfect shade

20150208_190148     Use clean needle every time

20150208_190358     Artist only starts when obtained client’s permission

Before                                                                                   After

20150208_181220                20150208_184319

Browshading Subsequent Visit
Approximately 30-45 days later, you will return for Phase II. In subsequent visit, we will redefine your eyebrows by following similar procedures with first visit with necessary adjustments. This visit is about 60+mins
This healing process is also 5-7 days.

There two categories for Eyebrow Enhancement Services:

1. Microstroking Technique

20150206_150230-1               IMG_20150208_145222

This technique is represented with crisp, fine hairstrokes that fill in thin brows, bald spots or even total brow reconstruction.

Before                                                                                 After

20150806_181734                                              20150806_190800

2. Powder Technique

This  technique mimics the appearance of  brow pencil or brow shadow make up.

Before                                                                           After

20150423_121509     20150423_131506

Before                                                                                   After

20140104_182434                                 20140104_190524


Eyeliner enhancement is a beautifully natural line that is placed inside your lashline. Its purpose is to draw attention to your eye area, define your lashlines, and intensify your lashes.

Depending on your preference, eyeliners can be as natural or as dramatic as you wish. Keep in mind, the more dramatic, the more intense the service, which means, the upkeep, price, and frequency of touchups will increase accordingly.

First Visit
First visit of eyeliner is a small, natural line colored to match best your hair and brow colors. It is placed inside your lashlines whether it’s the bottom or top lashline.

This procedure will take about 60+ mins.

Subsequent Visit
Subsequent visit of eyeliner enhancement is the adjustment phase. Depending on your preference, during phase II is when we adjust color, thickness, and design per your request.

Both phases are done approximately 30-45 days apart. The skin has to heal completely before additional services can be done to that area.

Before                                                                        After

20150211_132931    20150211_135007


Lip enhancement will bring back the youthful rosy, pink lips. This is not permanent lipstick! Lips enhancement will define your lip’s border and intensify the color within the lips. Once done, your lips will glow with it’s natural color and any added gloss or lipstick will magnify its borders and beauty.

This service will take about 3-4 hours for First Visit and 1-2 hours for Subsequent Visit.

With any enhancement services, a consultation is strongly recommended!

N. Jenna Ott

Possible Questions and Concerns

1. Does it hurt?
This depends entire on your Specialist!
If you have a bad haircut, is it the scissors fault? This analogy is the same with cosmetic tattooing. The level of “pain” is directly related to the technician.
I love making people beautiful and taking great care in monitoring their discomfort. We continue to apply numbing cream during the entire procedure. All my clients over the past years have said the same when it comes to my services, “IT DOESN’T HURT!”
I take exceptional care in buying the strongest topical anesthetics available to licensed/certified cosmetic tattooing artists. I allow ample time for it to work and continuously check in with my clients (about every minute) if she’s comfortable. On a scale of 1 to 10 with pain, all my clients never reported over a 3. I actually had several clients fell asleep during my cosmetic tattooing services!

2. Will I look like Groucho Marx?
Absolutely NOT! Before I get started, we will discuss your preferred shape, size, color, etc. I will hand draw your eyebrows, and we will revise them many times before I ever turn on my machine. You have my promise that nothing will happen until we have your permission and approval .

3. Will my cosmetic tattooing/permanent makeup fade?
Yes and you want it to. With my technique, I only work on the superficial layers of the skin; therefore, through the natural skin shedding process, your cosmetic tattooing will fade. However, this is an advantageous factor because makeup changes with time. What was “in” years ago is out today and this phenomenon will continue. You want your makeup to fade over the years so you can be current with fashion trends and changes.

4. Will my cosmetic tattooing/permanent makeup be blue? Gray?
This is a possibility but it can and should be corrected. We all know that black and white are not “true” colors. Black is a combination of all prime colors and white is a void of colors. We also know that human skin is not a blank clear canvas, instead, it is an undulating fabric with many colors both visible and invisible pigmentation. Black pigment is a mixture of multiple colors; therefore, once the pigment interacts with the human skin’s pre-existing colors, changes to shade and tone can happen. If this does occur, your trained specialist can and should correct this issue.

5. How long will my cosmetic tattoo last?
Results may vary. As I’ve stated earlier, calling cosmetic tattooing “semi-permanent makeup” is a misnomer. Proper work is done topically not underneath the epidermis layer of the skin, therefore, it should not be considered permanent. However, cosmetic tattooing does last a very long time. It usually ranges from 1 year to many years, with periodic touch-ups to refresh the color and update shape and style.

6. Is anesthetic injected or topical?
My services will only include topical anesthetics.

7. How are colors chosen?
We have over 30 different shades of color to choose from, and the best color will be chosen to match your complexion to achieve the ideal results.

8. Any possibilities of infections?
None of our clients has had an infection. Disposable tools are used, sealed, sanitized, and properly disposed after each use.

9. What do I do with scabs or tiny flakes?
LEAVE THEM ALONE! Do not pull at your scabs or try to remove them. They will naturally fall off within 5-7 days after your service.